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Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning to Install Velux Skylights in Your Melbourne Home

For many modern homes in cities, like Melbourne, lighting is a very important element not only in improving aesthetics, but also in making the spaces within them feel more pleasing. Now, among the most popular options that you can have in providing natural light and ventilation to your home are Velux skylights. With many variations, these additions will definitely change the way how you feel about your home. But to enjoy all the benefits that these skylights bring, you should make sure that they are installed correctly. Here are questions to ask yourself when planning such a project:

velux skylights

Why should I add skylights to my home?

First and foremost, you should know your purpose of installing these commercial skylights. For example, do you want to give a certain room extra light for reading during the day? Or, do you want to let natural light in to make light-sensitive tasks much easier? But of course, the biggest reason you will most probably have to add skylights in your home is to give a certain area a central feature.

Where should I install these skylights?

When installing skylights, you should consider a room’s size and function. For example, your kitchen would be great for the project, considering that it needs ample light to make slicing and dicing safer and an opening to let the heat and steam out. Aside from your kitchen, your bedroom would also be a good area to install a skylight. Not only that it provides natural light during the day, but it will also provide you a great view of the sky at night.

Which direction shall these skylights face?

Velux skylights that are facing east will allow more sunshine in the morning, while those facing west will get an intense afternoon sun. On a similar note, those facing north will get a lot of light throughout the day, while the opposite effect will occur for those facing south. In whatever way you choose to install your skylight, make sure you add blinds to control the level of light that comes into your home.

What is my timeframe in installing these skylights?

Make sure you determine when you should start and end your project. Discuss with your builder a set timeframe to be able to manage your budget, workload, and expectations.

Which type of skylights should I install?

To know which type of skylights to install, consider how big the room is and how you are using it. For a space that needs to maintain a comfortable temperature and let fresh air in, you can consider installing Velux windows or other types of opening skylights. Typically, these skylights act as natural ventilators, so they are perfect for living areas and kitchens.

With skylights, you will be able to make your home brighter and livelier. By determining the most important aspects and the best options when installing them, you will surely make your home a better place to live in. Now, for the best Velux skylights and other roof windows Melbourne has, visit Custom Skylights.