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Pinelap Fencing in Perth – Give a Facelift to Your House’s Front

Erecting a wooden fence around your house gives it a facelift. If not the entire perimeter, the front portion can be covered up to a height with pinewood planks. This gives you some privacy, particularly if you have a lawn or a garden in front of your house. In Western Australia, people prefer 1.8-metre height fencing, and you can also choose this pinelap fencing Perth shops offer for your home. Many customers erect the fencing themselves, and it is not a difficult thing to do if all the required materials are ordered correctly and made available.

The Fencing has to be Properly Erected

The erection of pinelap fencing in Perth can be handled by individuals instead of depending on a hired expert, but it requires some skill and concentration to execute the work perfectly. The structure of the fencing has the main wooden posts grouted to the ground with the help of cement based mortar, and the horizontal rails are fixed. Generally, 2 planks are fixed at equal distances from the ground to the top of the posts. Once these are in place, the skeletal structure is ready and the Perth pinelap fencing palings can be fixed. They are supplied with a narrow slot on the edges so that they overlap one another, and you just keep nailing them to get a wall-like structure which is the fence.

The ‘do it yourself’ will usually come with a complete brochure, detailing the way the work is to be carried out and the sizes and fixing of nails and so on. You might probably find some good videos on YouTube demonstrating how it is done so that you will feel much more comfortable and confident doing it the first time.    Check Simply Fencing for more details.

Chosen Pinewood Used to Make the Palings

When you are searching for the company that can provide you with the best pinelap fencing in Perth, look for the quality of the wood they are supplying. In the fencing field, pine is preferred as it is a strong wood, and the fencing contractors would bring in the best logs and prepare the wood for use in the fencing work. The posts and rails are also made using the same pinewood, and quality is very critical since the fencing would be exposed to rain and sun all through the years. The nails used are usually galvanised so that they don’t rust and weaken the fencing. The wood is given a treatment to make it ready for the particular application.

As far as the physical appearance of the pinelap fencing Perth shops sell is concerned, it has the natural wood finish with all the grains and dark spots, and it naturally blends with the environment around it. Some people add to the appearance and life of the fencing by capping with a plastic or a metal cap running throughout the pinelap fencing Perth professionals raise. If, along with the fencing, you wish to install a matching gate for your garden, you will have to order that with shop that sells the fencing materials. Erecting the gate along with the fencing could prove to be a little beyond an ordinary person’s capabilities. It is for the customers to choose what is best for them.