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Nitty-Gritties of Camper Vanning: Advantages, Disadvantages, and FAQs

Campervans are, without a doubt, the best land-based way to travel. But campervans are not all the same, so you need to be meticulous about choosing the vehicle model, design, and features that fit your needs. It would be imprudent not to actually test run a few of the campervans for sale Australia car shops sell before you buy, to at least give you an understanding of the important issues.

This article gives you an overview of the advantages, disadvantages, and general FAQs on purchasing a campervan:

Benefits of a Campervan

The benefits will very much depend on the type of campervan you get – particularly in terms of features and storage capacity. Listed below are the benefits you can get from Australian campervans for sale:

1. Low touring costs – Low cost of transport, accommodation, and food.

2. Flexible location – You have a choice about where you stay (within a security constraint) and these can be attractive beach locations or mountain peaks. It’s incredibly easy to pull off the main road and just park where there is housing for security. But just for one night, otherwise, people ask questions. You need to move on the next day and be sure to park elsewhere (>3km) away the next day.

3. Lifestyle advantages – You get a lot of freedom and relaxation if you live in campervans for sale Australia car shops have to offer today. They don’t offer the asset appreciation of a holiday house, but they are more flexible in terms of travel destinations. See more at Sydney Caravans & Campers

Disadvantages of a Campervan

The disadvantages of a campervan are:

1. Storage constraint vs mobility/flexibility – You can’t have a large storage capacity if you want an off-road vehicle. You can’t have a city vehicle if you want to carry a lot of extras, such as bicycles, microwaves, air conditioners, etc.

2. Security issues – You need to be concerned about where you park and the risk of property theft/damage. There is no neighbourhood watch with campervans, in fact, you might get kids of residents scratching your vehicle because they consider you impinging on their “million-dollar” view.

3. Livability concerns – It’s hard to imagine staying in a campervan for long periods of time. You can’t easily relax at night without going to a pub. It would be too confining to stay in a campervan for long periods. However, in many countries, there are options e.g. public libraries, sports clubs, public swimming pools.

4. Mobility – This is a concern if you like to stay in a specific location for a protracted period. Neighbours and locals start to notice you, and you attract negative attention. It’s less personal in tourist locations and large urban areas.

FAQs: Does a campervan meet my requirements?

1. What type of conditions will I be using my campervan on?

If you are a retired person with health limitations you might have no great sense of adventure compelling you to get off-road, so you might be willing to sacrifice off-road capability to retain the home comforts of buying any large campervans for sale in Australia car shops. If you intend to take your vehicle off-road, you might want to consider a high clearance, a short wheel-base model with a low roof to avoid trees.

2. How reliable does the vehicle need to be?

If you don’t know much about campervan maintenance, you might prefer a newer vehicle from a reputable manufacturer.

3. How much can I afford, or should I spend?

A campervan can save you a lot of money on travelling and, maybe, the cost of living if live in it for a protracted period. You can find campervans for sale Australia shops by checking reliable online resources like Sydney Caravans & Campers on their website

4. How reasonable are my expectations of campervanning?

Aside from using a campervan, you can plan your typical day and ponder whether you can tolerate the conditions, or find ways around it e.g. If it’s a scorching day, do you have a strategy for working.

What will you do at night time? Can you run enough batteries to power your electricity demands? How long can you go without a shower? Are the campervan or ancillary amenities good enough? Are you worried about security whilst you are touring?

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