Kia car care insights: The 5-phase service stages you should know

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Kia Motors Corporation is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. Since 2008, the company has been amassing high vehicle sales due to its fuel efficient, reliable, and classy models. If you happen to own a Kia car, here’s the 5-phase Kia servicing schedule you should keep in mind:

kia servicing schedule

Phase 1 – Brake Maintenance

This phase comes first in the Cerato, Rio, or Kia Picanto service schedule. As the basic routine, this involves the car’s most important parts that also show signs of wear and tear easily–the brakes and rotors. This upkeep involves replacement for the brake pads and resurfacing the rotors.

Phase 2 – Service Every 3,750 Miles

After the car covers 3,750 miles, you need to carry out another set of upkeep. And, it now involves more routines. Specifically, Kia servicing schedule for vehicles with 3,750 mileage includes the following:

  1. Changing of motor oil and oil filter
  2. Chassis lubrication
  3. Tyre check and adjustment
  4. Multi-point inspection and complimentary car wash

Phase 3 – Service Every 15,000 Miles

15,000 miles could already take a toll on your vehicle. Especially if you’ve been driving on rugged terrains, this Kia cerato maintenance schedule is a must to keep your ride road-worthy.

This phase involves the 3,750 mileage routines with some additional routines. The mechanics will do a battery terminal service, replace the engine air filter, inspect the cabin air filter, and clean the fuel system. It’s also wise to check the brake shoes and pads to uphold your safety on the road.

Phase 4 – Service Every 30,000

After 30,000 miles, the mechanics will perform the 15,000 miles Kia servicing schedule routines. You might also get a complimentary car wash and a multi-point inspection for different parts of the car. The following tasks should also be done:

  1. Insection of the wiper blades, cabin air filter, and brake fluid
  2. Addition of washer fluid
  3. Checking for cooling system leaks
  4. Battery terminal service
  5. Engine air filter replacement
  6. Chassis lubrication
  7. Comprehensive fuel system cleaning
  8. Tyre rotation and proper wear check

Phase 5 – Service Every 60,000 Miles

60,000 miles is quite a long time on the road already. By this time, perhaps you’ve had long road trips with friends and family. Perhaps, you’ve also loaded your vehicle with all sorts of stuff. And, it’s but right to perform a thorough and more comprehensive maintenance routines for your ride. Hence, for your 60,000 mileage, be sure to include the following Kia Picanto maintenance schedule routines on top of the 30,000 servicing tasks you previously had:

  1. Brake adjustment and cleaning
  2. Multi-point inspection and exterior car wash
  3. Inspection and replacement (if necessary) of cabin air filter, brake fluid, brake pads or shoes
  4. Changing of motor oil and oil filter
  5. Adjustment of tyre pressure

Servicing is a must car-care initiative you should do to keep your vehicle in top shape for a long time. If you’re now looking for a reliable provider of this maintenance routines in Queensland, you can rely on Toowong Kia. The company has been selling and servicing Kia cars and has been getting positive reviews for its services.